TAR 8 (Family Edition) Timelines

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TAR 8 (Family Edition) Timelines

Post  raceguy120390 on Sat Jan 05, 2008 8:21 pm

(With thanks to EnricoV, TARNeobie, Tammy Gaghan, Megan Linz, Rebecca Weaver, Hysteria76 and everyone at Television Without Pity for all their episode timelines and/or assistance. Unless you didn't help. In which case, screw you.)

Day 1 (Thursday, July 7, 2005): Phil sets the families off from Fulton Ferry State Park in Brooklyn, NY. Driving across the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan to pick up camping supplies from Eastern Mountain Sports, then to 91st Street (between Park and Lexington Avenues) to get a clue from TAR 1's Kevin and Drew at a hot-dog stand. They continue to Washington Crossing, PA to row a boat across the Delaware River to retrieve a 13-Star Flag, returning it to shore and witnessing a flag-folding ceremony, before driving to Belmont Plateau at Fairmount Park in Philadelphia to set up their tents for the night.
Day 2 (7/8): Teams depart from the plateau in batches based on the order they finished building their tents. They drive to the Brubaker Farm in Mount Joy, PA and encounter the Build It/Buggy It Detour, before driving to the Pit Stop at the Rohrer Family Farm in Lancaster [Black family Philiminated].
Day 3 (7/9): Departures from dawn for the Haine's Shoehouse, the finding a clue at the CORRECT reflecting pool in Washington DC. Teams retrieve a briefcase from a limo parked on 3rd Street, then take it to the Tidal Basin for the Find-The-Spy RoadBlock. Teams drive to Welbourne Manor in Middleburg, VA for the Heat Of The Battle/Heat Of The Night Detour, and run down a path to the Pit Stop [Rogers family Philiminated].
Day 4 (7/10): Extended Pit Stop (due to Hurricane Dennis in Alabama).
Day 5 (7/11): Teams depart pre-dawn and take taxis to Washington-Dulles International Airport to book flights to Charleston, South Carolina. Teams drive to the Battery, where they get instructions for the Forrest Gump/Muddy Waters Detour. Teams drive (Muddy Waters teams) or walk (Forrest Gump teams) to the Charleston Visitor Center to sign up for one of two charter buses to a mystery destination - Huntsville, AL.
Day 6 (7/12): After arriving at around midnight (or two hours later), teams are directed to drive to the US Space & Rocket Center, for the Centrifuge RoadBlock. Teams walk to Rocket Park and log on to AOL to get their final clue, which tells them to find the Space Shuttle Pathfinder [Pit Stop; Aiello family Philiminated]. Teams depart that afternoon for Anniston, AL, site of the World's Largest Office Chair, which was the site of a RoadBlock (the task was shown, but not as a RB). Teams then go to the Motor Sports Hall of Fame in Talladega, then to the Talladega Superspeedway to ride "party-bikes". Teams are then directed to find the Southern Colonel in Hattiesburg, MS. Teams start arriving around midnight...
Day 7 (7/13): ...and search trailer homes there for one of three departure times. In the morning, teams drive to a BP station to find an employee, then to Fairview Riverside State Park for the Work/Play Detour. Teams then drive across the Ponchartrain Causeway to New Orleans, and run through the French Quarter to the Pit Stop at the Preservation Hall [Schroeder family Philiminated].
Day 8 (7/14): Extended Pit Stop.
Day 9 (7/15): Teams depart pre-dawn for the airport, to fly to Panama City, Panama (not Florida). Teams arrive that night, and take taxis to the Gamboa Docks.
Day 10 (7/16): Teams take boats from the docks to the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute on Barro Colorado Island, and find Ricardo Diaz in a hammock. He give them their next clue - instructions on either the Tandem Bungy Jump Fast Forward (Paolos, Gaghans) or the Rhythm/Coos Detour (all other families, the Gaghans later join them). Teams ride diablo rojos from this point of the leg onwards. After finishing the Detour, teams go to Estadio Juan Demostenes Arosemena for the Little League RoadBlock, then to the Pit Stop at the Miraflores Locks [non-elimination; Godlewski family arrives last]. Extended Pit Stop.
Day 11 (7/17): Teams depart at night for the bus station and pull tickets at the Tica counter for charter buses to San Jose, Costa Rica.
Day 12 (7/18): Buses travel to San Jose. After arriving, teams go to Parque Publico Adrian and get vans to drive for the rest of the leg. They drive to Volcan Poas, which doesn't open until the next morning.
Day 13 (7/19): Teams get the clue from the edge of the volcano, telling them to go to the Doka Estate for the "Ban Red Beans!" RoadBlock [at which is a Yield, which the Paolos use on the Weavers]. Teams then go to the Roca Loca/Roka Loka [there are two different spellings on display in the shop] Surf Shop, where Javier gives them the Relic/Ripe Detour, after which they drive to Quepos and run through town to the Pit Stop at the Malecon [Gaghan family Philiminated].
Day 14 (7/20): Extended Pit Stop.
Day 15 (7/21): Teams depart early in the morning for Playa Maracas, where one person swims out to a floating buoy (or nearly drowns trying), retrieving a clue that tells them to go to La Iglesia de Metal church in Grecia, where an altarboy gives them the Brush/Barrel Detour. When completed, teams are directed to fly to Phoenix, Arizona. They connect through Atlanta, Newark and/or New York...
Day 16 (7/22): ...arriving the next morning. Teams drive themselves to the Bondurant SuperKart School for the Go-Kart RoadBlock, then to the Pit Stop at Puesta del Sol, the ranch at Fort McDowell Adventures [non-elimination; Bransen family arrive last]. Teams depart on the next leg starting just before midnight.
Day 17 (7/23): Teams drive to Fighter Combat International in Mesa, AZ, for the 360-degree loop RoadBlock. They drive to Lipan Point at the Grand Canyon, then to Glen Canyon Dam for the Bearing/Bailing Detour. Teams then drive to Antelope Point on Lake Powell, and steer a motorboat along the lake to a houseboat, the Pit Stop [Paolo family Philiminated].
Day 18 (7/24): Teams start Leg 9 by driving their SUVs (with additional trailers from now until the final leg) to John Ford's Point in Monument Valley, Utah, where two team members ride a helicopter to the top of Elephant Butte, retrieving a clue directing them to Gemini Bridges for the Drop Down/Ride Down Detour. They continue to Green River State Park for the night.
Day 19 (7/25): Teams leave from 7am and drive to Heber City to receive a clue from Bart the Bear, then to Utah Olympic Park for the Ski Jump RoadBlock [where the Linzen Yield the Weavers, and finally the Salt Lake City Public Library, the Pit Stop for this leg [non-elimination; Weaver family arrive last].
Day 20 (7/26): Teams depart pre-dawn for Park City High School, where they ride hot-air balloons from 6am. After landing, teams drive to the Heber City Railway for the Spike It/Steam It Detour. They drive to the "Tree of Utah" on the Bonneville Salt Flats, then to Bear Lake Rendezvous Beach campground for the night.
Day 21 (7/27): Teams depart from 8:30 and drive to the Dunham Ranch in Wyoming, where they encounter the Cattle-Herding RoadBlock. They then witness Old Faithful erupt, and drive to a ranch to search for Phil [where it's a To-Be-Continued]. Teams drive to Turtle Ranch in Dubois, WY, and camp the night.
Day 22 (7/28): Teams enter the ranch and take shuttles to the Pioneer Spirit/Native Tradition Detour, then to have a photo taken with "Buffalo Bill" at the Irma Hotel in Cody, WY. Teams drive to the Red Lodge Mountain Golf Course, and find the tenth tee for the Buick Buggy RoadBlock. Teams are given the last clue of this leg, which directs them to the Pit Stop at Larry Arnold's Green Meadow Ranch [Godlewski family Philiminated].
Day 23 (7/29): Extended Pit Stop.
Day 24 (7/30): Teams depart pre-dawn and go to Billings-Logan International Airport to fly to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. When they arrive, teams search the Underground City for the CDP Capital Building, and find the Slide It/Roll It Detour there. Teams take taxis to the American Pavilion, then to 2350 Dickson Street, where they search for porte J and the Trapeze Catch RoadBlock. They then continue to Stade Olympique, take golf buggys onto the field, and search the seats for one of three charter flight times the following morning, stopping to pay their cabs and sleep.
Day 25 (7/31): Teams fly to a mystery destination - Toronto, Ontario - and are directed to use binoculars to search the Toronto skyline for a route marker from the CN Tower, the world's tallest free-standing structure. They find the route marker on a nearby dock, and the Ship/Shoe Detour, after which teams drive to the Queenston boat docks and take jet-boats to a floating buoy in the Niagara Gorge, then to Joseph Davis State Park for the Jigsaw RoadBlock. After the chosen team member finishes (the Weavers don't perform the task), teams run through the park to the finish line [Linz family wins, Bransen family finishes 2nd, Weaver family arrives 3rd].


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